UltraMIST   can turn the tide of a deadlocked battle with powerful ultrasound technology that drives wound healing from the inside out.


UltraMIST is advanced wound care that helps chronic wounds to heal.


What Is a Chronic Wound?

A chronic wound is one that does not heal as it should. This may happen because of certain conditions like heart disease and diabetes, which can lead to poor circulation.

If the wound is not healed, it may lead to other problems, such as decreased quality of life.

Three of the most common types of chronic wounds are:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers (ulcers of the foot that occur in people with diabetes)

  • Vascular ulcers (ulcers involving veins and arteries)

  • Pressure ulcers (sores that develop when people are confined to bed for long periods of time)


Each of these wounds can share some common symptoms, including:

  • Inflammation

  • Infections that don’t go away

  • Inability of the skin to close


Recent advances in medicine have given doctors new tools to help treat chronic wounds. One of those advances is UltraMIST from Sanuwave.


What Is UltraMIST?

UltraMIST is low-frequency ultrasound energy delivered through a fluid mist that promotes healing from within.

Is UltraMIST Safe?

UltraMIST ultrasound healing therapy has been approved by the FDA and used in thousands of patients for more than a decade. This therapy must be administered by a healthcare professional.

How Does UltraMIST Work?

UltraMIST produces low-energy ultrasonic waves that are transmitted though a mist to deep inside the wound. The waves promote healing by reducing inflammation and bacteria in the wound bed, while also increasing the growth of new blood vessels to the area.

How Is UltraMIST Applied to the Wound?

The doctor holds the UltraMIST treatment wand over the wound, moving it across the wound slowly so that the ultrasound energy is delivered. The treatment wand never touches the wound and is completely painless.

What Happens Next?

When UltraMIST is used to help heal your wound, your doctor will give you instructions and tell you what to expect. You should keep the area clean and follow your doctor’s instructions very carefully. Consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Your doctor may choose to administer UltraMIST Therapy 2 to 3 times a week until your wound is healed. Be sure to schedule appointments ahead of time!


UltraMIST delivers treatment without touching the wound or causing any pain or discomfort to the patient.

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